Direct Mail Design Services

Got an idea? You've come to the right place. Our experienced graphic designers can translate your cool idea into a professionally developed print project. Perhaps your concept just needs a little tweaking, something as simple as suggesting colors that compliment each other on the printed page. Or maybe you'd like us to design the entire piece, including custom photography, blazing graphics and copy writing. Whatever you need, we can handle it. Just remember, designing for direct mail isn't the same as designing for print or for the Internet.

Here's a (bad) example: Before they worked with us, a resort hotel mailed over 3,000 videos to perspective customers. The outside of the package was designed by the marketing company that did the entire layout - and it was stunning! Coming through the mail it was sure to grab attention, with a big, bold logo in the upper left corner and the return address in small print along the bottom left. Now THAT was a marketing masterpiece.

Or it might have been.

Every single piece was returned to the resort. The Postal Service's optical address scanning equipment looks for the "first, most complete address" starting from the bottom up. In this case, that "first, most complete address" was the return address! The resort paid to have the videos mailed, returned, removed, re-inserted, re-addressed and re-mailed.

Can you afford these errors? Can your schedule? With Alert Direct Mail you need not be concerned. We will work with you or your clients to achieve correct mail piece design the first time.


Perhaps this section should have been placed first, because every awesome printing and direct mail job begins with awesome design.

Direct mail ... Because it works.

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