Direct Mail List of the Week

Every week or so we will spotlight a new mailing list that piques our interest. Most of the time we'll note them on our Facebook page and if they're particularly interesting we'll place the data here as well. So technically, this page shouldn't we called "Direct Mail List of the Week." It's more like, "Past Direct Mail Lists of the Week." If you see a list that you think might be appropriate for your business, please call us to discuss it. There are always more specifics than we can include in a short paragraph.

Medical/Spa Goers - These consumers have purchased treatments from a Spa or Cosmetic Surgeon. Treatments include teeth whitening, laser hair removal, cosmetic surgery, microdermabrasion, laser eye correction, non-invasive cosmetic surgery, body wraps, etc. They're perfect prospects for all fitness and health related products including subscriptions, diet supplements and vitamins, spa offers and vacation packages. (File LE511)

Auto Registrations - Over 150,000 million car owners; you can select by geography, make, model, year, residential or business registration. Curious who owns those 32 registered Tesla's? How about those 20+ million Fords? (File PM1210)

RV Owners - Selling RV insurance? Just invented the perfect doohickey for automatically finding Direct TV's satellite? Let's tell all 13,100,00 RV owners! Well, perhaps not all of them all at once.(File HD611)

Direct mail ... Because it works.

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