The Web2Mail system.

The Web2Mail system is an on-line database for contacts or sales leads that can remain on our servers or be integrated into your web site. Some businesses like to keep their own files of members or leads and transmit them to us each time they want a mailing. Others prefer a more automatic approach. With our Web2Mail system, you enter your contacts' information once and indicate how often you want them sent mail: immediately on demand, each month, bi-monthly or quarterly. Add, edit or remove names and addresses as you wish. Then leave the rest to us. Analysis reports are available and the database structure (fields, layout, etc.) can be customized to fit your specific needs - including fields for photos and graphics.

Who uses this system? A resort area Chamber of Commerce that receives hundreds of requests for information every week. Web2Mail is built into their web site and prospective visitors are automatically sent vacation brochures. Web2Mail has also been used by an engineering firm with offices throughout the country. Multiple offices use unique passwords to enter and edit sales leads, which we then extract for mailings. House painters and roofing contractors just note the address of a house in need of repairs and then send a "gentle nudge" post card once per month until they get the job. Chiropractors, dentists, insurance agents - anyone who wants to stay in touch with their clients and leads can utilize Web2Mail.

For more information, see the instructions. (Note the field for email addresses? Yes, you can create an email mailing list as well.) And of course, your data is in a double-secure location.

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