The Web2Mail system.

Your system will be designed to be used only by those persons so authorized and these instructions will be tailored to fit your needs. These instructions, like the sample database on-line, is used to give you a general feel for how the system works.

Add Records - Essentially self-explanatory. Just keep in mind that if you don't have information for a particular field you can just skip over it. One very important field, however is the zip code. If you want us to complete cost-savings standard mailings then a proper zip code is mandatory. It is not necessary for first class mailings but you will not receive any postage discounts. Don't worry about upper/lower case data entry. We will correct it for you later. Note that you will not enter data for "Last Mailing." As we complete your mailings on schedule, we will enter that data and it will be available for you the next time you perform a search.

Search-Only - This function allows the user to search any field for records matching the input search string. Data is not case sensitive - "Smith", "smith" and "sMith" are all the same and position within the field is not relevant. Caution should be exercised when entering an address (or any other search string) in that spaces between the words become relevant. "123 Main St." and "123  Main St." are NOT the same, in that the first instance has but one blank space between the numerals and the letters, whereas the second instance has two spaces. A search that works for the former will not yield the latter and visa versa.

Completed searches will yield twenty-five results at a time, with the option to view the next twenty-five results until the successful query has been satisfied.

Search and Edit - All the options and constrains of Search-Only apply; however, this function allows editing (or record deletion) of the search results.

In searching to make edits the results may include multiple records. Five records will be shown at a time and you will have the option to edit any/all. After editing, use your browser's -BACK- button to return to the search results page and you will not have to go back all the way to the original search entry page.

Once you have the appropriate passwords, you can download your entire file to use with other programs by following these instructions:

1) Clicking below will either show you the entire file or open a dialog box asking if/where you want to save the file. If the dialog box opens, just indicate which directory you want the file saved in.

2) If you see the entire data file, click EDIT then click SELECT ALL. The entire file should become highlighted. Next, click FILE, then SAVE AS | FILE; the save file dialog window will open, and you can choose the directory to save the file. If necessary, you can change the file name, but don't change the file extension - leave it as a .txt file.

3) The file structure is as follows: salutation, first name, last name, business title, company, address1, address2, city, state and zip code. Each field is separated by a tab.

4) Once it has been saved on your hard drive, you can open or import it into virtually any database or spreadsheet and even into some word processors.

5) Please do not do any file-wide changes and attempt to upload it again. Contact us to perform any global functions.

6) Ready? Click here. (Note: This function is not available in this sample database.)


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