Who we are

We're the people who buy your daughter's Girl Scout cookies.

We're the people who buy seeds from your grandson's Cub Scout pack.

We're the folks who buy the candy from the school sports Boosters.

We rent a piano for our granddaughter's lessons. We frequent neighborhood restaurants, buy our cars from nearby dealers and have them serviced here as well. Our insurance agent lives only a few miles away. When you ask us to buy a raffle ticket for your Rotary, or your Kiwanis or your church group, we rarely say no.

But when you come in and ask us to buy an ad in your publication, yet didn't offer us the opportunity to bid on it, how do think we feel? When that printer you found on the Internet offers you that great deal, did you ask them if they will buy your 50/50 tickets?

We have nothing against big commercial printing and mailing companies; we made a conscious decision that we did not want to make that investment and compete on that level. We're sure the young man you spoke with on the phone in Michigan (or Florida, or Ohio) loves his family as much as any of us do. He certainly needs his job and is very good at it.

But please remember when you ask for our support - we need yours, too. After all, we're all in this together.

Direct mail ... Because it works.

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